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A really complicated but amazing man. He has the most beautiful heart but also has a dark side. He is wickedly clever and a little shy. Charming in a way that he isn't aware of which can be dangerous and just as sexy. If you are in love with a Kenney you always will be. Also called a bee-bee or BB.
If he is a Kenney you are going to fall hard.
by iluvhm2018 January 31, 2018
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v. To hire someone to demean or defeat a competitor or opponent in a bidding process, election etc. Initially used in western Canada but becoming more widespread.

I have the election in the bag! I have a guy willing to kenney the incumbent for fifty bucks.
by gnostic3 March 18, 2019
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Kenney is a short faggot gay guy who likes to suck dickkenney
straight guy:He is such a kenney

girl : he is so gay
by Kenney is short June 26, 2018
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