13 definitions by Dano Magnum

spongebob: We've been schmeckledorfed!
mr. krabs: That's not even a word and i agree with ya!
by Dano Magnum September 26, 2006
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The integral of uper duper
S(uper)d(uper) = (uper^2)/2
by Dano Magnum June 20, 2007
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An alcoholic beverage created from Sunny-Delight, Grenadine, and the cheapest vodka you can find.

The perfect balance is just weak enough you can pound it down without realizing you drank the equivalent of a handle of vodka.
Bill: Oh shit... Dan went too crazy with the jj.... he's doing the wall roll
Ted: Damn that jungle juice
by Dano Magnum June 12, 2007
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The failure to "give birth" to a sneeze. It is comprised of a moment of extreme anxiety followed by a feeling of utter worthlessness. Not to be confused with purposely stopping a sneeze, because abortions are wrong.
Joe: Dude, I almost died on the way to work today.
Bill: Oh, yeah?
Joe: Yeah, I had a miscarriage. I veered into oncoming traffic, and a bus of schoolchildren and nuns swerved into a ravine.
Bill: That sucks, but at least it wasn't an abortion.
by Dano Magnum October 30, 2006
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A guitar players best friend. It allows tablature to be played back which decreases the amount of time it takes to learn a song. It can also be used to compose midi music, or convert a midi/tab into musical notation for players of other instruments to read.
Bill: Dude, I'm trying to learn eruption, but it's so fast i can't keep up with the tab
Ted: Try power tab, bro
Bill: Oh man... I'll never go back to tabs again.. This rules.
by Dano Magnum June 7, 2007
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Guaranteed to all Americans by the constitution, but slowly being taken away through social aid programs, censorship, and bannings.
Bill: I don't smoke, but i do believe that it is the right of an adult citizen of this country to smoke if they so choose, and that it is the right of any privately owned company to choose if they will allow a person to do so.
Ted: Yeah, and why should a privately owned company not be allowed to hire or fire anyone for any reason they want.
Bill: And what about trying to censor the internet, or the censorship of radio, tv, and print. Why is it not the choice of the company what they allow on their networks?
Ted: Indeed, and let's not get started on the patriot act.
by Dano Magnum June 7, 2007
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Bill: I am currently very highly inebriated, my good sir.
Ted: Yeah, I'm pretty drunk myself.
by Dano Magnum June 9, 2007
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