Touma is referring to an average normal guy which has a harem count of over 10000 that exceeds Kirito who can solo over infinite raid bosses with an infinity gauntlet and has a bunch of girls.

Touma has the power to negate anything, and that includes the chance of Ant man entering Thanos ass and expands in Endgame.
Touma beaten up Shido and Kirito on his Harem Count.
by Suzushina Yuriko May 8, 2019
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Name for a person who was cursed by God's power on his right hand that can eliminate any magical or psychological abilities.

Also the most dense character that he never knew any women or girls fall for his charm and aura, that he never knew he has, also unknowingly collecting a harem along the way.

His parents are away collecting thing to repel the bad luck he has. And has a voracious feeder of a nun living wwith him

The original One Punch Man, until the bald guy enters the scene.
Touma: Such Misfortune.
by Kay Tutan Tayo June 24, 2019
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A nice young man that does not have a life or any friends.He also is stubborn,annoying, and mean. He is also a trash gamer
The Touma is dumb
by Fetherz021 October 23, 2018
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GOD, the greatest character of all animes in the universe! those who don't like him probably don't even have the ability to read the caption when he speaks. if you find him annoying know that YOU who are so fucking annoying
by softbitter November 24, 2021
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He is a idiot like who names their son Touma??? He goes to St Raphaels Northolt, London btw
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by Anthony and Jedidja May 4, 2019
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The act of cumming inside of a girl without telling her.
My inner thoughts one as I was about to finish and I Lukas Toumaed her.
by lukastoumaed June 12, 2022
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A person with a nose so big that it is capable of destroying the fabric of time, Has invented a new type of diabetes and has a huge forehead
Person 1: Here comes Toumas, Guess were dead now
by RatWish May 24, 2022
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