"Unwanted in heaven, forgotten in hell as on earth" - incorporeal by tiger army
by Melisa_FTW December 26, 2005
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take in or contain (something) as part of a whole
by QWT_xd November 11, 2015
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to ignore something objectionable in the immediate environment (like an idiot or obnoxious construction site noise) by "incorporating it into the background" - treating it like elevator music : ignoring it
"she was yapping away but we just incorporated her"
"everyone just incorporated him until he finally left"
"that crappy band totally got incorporated last night"
by lüscher October 12, 2006
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A legion of fat people consisted of oils. The obese population in America. Also known as Oils Inc.
"Oils Incorporated is expanding in numbers."
by TheOneandOnlyRealTT May 12, 2006
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When police administer a gratuitous beating to an unresisting suspect upon capture.
“Now they’re incorporating the arrest,” - WFXT newscaster
by flatworm May 12, 2016
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(a.k.a. Monsters, Inc.) Monstropolis's largest source of scream energy. Monsters, Inc. is equipped with an enormous, high-security door vault, state of the art door station technology and scream collecting technology, professional-tested scarer training tools, and a quick link to the CDA, just in case.
Monsters, Incorporated: We scare, because we care.
by DanMat6288 May 7, 2004
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Reckson Incorporated a company that makes some of the best products around like, the fildo, The dnd (Deez Nuts Dictionary) The Filian Pocket Pillow, with load protection. (All free to Projekt Melody) The Knut sack, Founded by lotion guy himself.
"Hey have you bought the fildo from Reckson incorporated yet?"
by Bl41 February 16, 2023
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