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n. 1. the result when a woman chronically wipes back to front. 2. by extension a negative thing.
I can't believe my mother never taught me to wipe front to back, now i have a poo-stained vagina.

You got an F in Gym? well, thats a real poo-stained vagina.
by homoguytom October 16, 2012
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n. a young handsome male, too young to be beefcake, the sort that you feel a little skeevy thinking is hot. Any of the centerfolds from the defunct "TeenBeat" magazine.
Zac Effron was a prime piece of vealcake. I am not suprised he is making the transition to beefcake in "the Paperboy"
by homoguytom January 13, 2013
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n. A cigarette. Particularly when standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus. Invariably as soon as the bus incense is lit, before a second puff can be enjoyed, the bus appears.
Damn, its cold on this corner and I've been waiting 15 minutes for the bus. I wish I still smoked coffin nails because I would light some bus incense and it would be here in like 10 seconds flat.
by homoguytom January 16, 2013
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n. : 1. a gay man, with short hair, a bushy Tom Selleck mustache, sleeveless flannel shirt, aviator sunglasses and Redwing boots. coined in the late 70's & early 80's and so called because they wer nearly identical replicas of each other.

2. By extension, someone sporting all the components of the dominant 'look' among gay men at any given period in time. Around 1990 it was a leather motorcycle jacket, SILENCE=DEATH t-shirt, ponytail, torn bleached jeans and black combat boots. Around 2000: Ben Affleck hair, waxed gym bodies, camouflage cargo shorts and t-shirts with numerals on them. Around 2012 it was a ginormous beard, shaved head, long sleeved plaid shirts, flowery sleeve tatoos and heavily dyed RAW jeans.
Hipster: look at that retro clone, he looks just like Freddy Mercury.
Twink: who was Freddy Mercury?
by homoguytom January 27, 2013
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v. to wash one's ass, thoroughly, with soap and a finger, repeating until the finger comes out clean.

n. the act of washing ones anus.
Doris, if you want me to toss your salad you had best give it the old soap and poke.

I am very happy with my new bidet, I love a quick soap and poke.
by homoguytom February 01, 2013
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