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a practice in which you are expected to think about what you want, make it crystal clear for yourself, and have the guts to repeatedly ask for it, in whatever format you see fit.
if it's completely ethical or in your best interest to get it, you will most likely receive it.

Doug: i am manifesting a brand new, red BMW.
some God: why should you get a new car for free? what about the impact on the environment? what about all the resources that were consumed for it to be made? what about all the people that worked hard to make it? are they getting anything for free? do you really need that new car?
Doug: i am manifesting a brand new, red BMW.
(repeat for 10 min every day)
by wokeup2this July 9, 2022
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something nice to do for the environment, especially if you live in a country where a large percentage of the energy is clean. even though manufacturing it has a big impact on the environment, because of those darn batteries that every electric car company, and not only, is working on improving to the point of exasperation, with your purchase, you would be supporting the research to build better things, faster.

blissfully silent vehicle at city-friendly speeds compared to the other one.

alternate definition: my e-baby
friend: you're getting a car? i hope it's an electric car, you promote them like you work there, don't disappoint.
Doug: placed my order. waiting. (pacing impatiently) delivery estimate sometime next year. this will be a hellish wait. it takes way too long to build my electric baby! we need to move faster. funding always helps. have you considered an electric car? better than that old Covid Audi of yours.
by wokeup2this July 19, 2022
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can this guy be just a very nice person that meditated a lot?
Doug: hey, J!
Jesus: hey, Forcett.
by wokeup2this July 8, 2022
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both the name of a popular band and a complete illusion.

there is no one true god (except for the above mentioned, of course). this is, and will continue to be so for a very long time, a very unpopular belief. what if, most religions, we live in a universe with infinite gods, because gods keep making other gods, forever.
can you accept this perspective?

would you be happy to find out your god is not alone?
think about it.
by wokeup2this July 9, 2022
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a nickname sometimes given by the gods to very nice people
some God: I name you Archangel Gabrielle.
by wokeup2this July 8, 2022
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music genre that can infuse even the most sad romantic song with anger, making you feel the bitterness behind the soft flowing words, previously too subtle, before this translation, teaching us not to make the mistake of idealising toxic, co-dependant situations, and glorifying drama as passion - "It must have been love", a good example, and what many like to focus on when looking at their relationships.
for the keen introspecter, there will be truth to the words "heavy metal broke my heart".
researcher: what heavy metal would you recommend?
Doug: i think i'm gonna go with osmium.
by wokeup2this July 16, 2022
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natural animal asset, ideally placed, by Nature Itself, on the actual animal, in perpetuity.

something you no longer need in the modern world, with all these breathtaking technological advancements and successfully applied research in the field of better-for-you, more ethical, more sustainable materials.

opportunity to evolve beyond being a selfish traditionalist.
person A: no! my favourite brands are still producing leather goods inscribed with Gucci/D&G/LV/...
person B: no! there is nothing more luxurious than a leather couch or car seat.
person C: no! that black leather jacket makes me feel trendy/cool/younger than i actually am, the feeling needs to be real.
by wokeup2this July 10, 2022
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