what people refer to as high-quality bud when they are to ignorant to understand that it's "kine, with an "e" and NOT "kind" with a "d".... "Kine" is the hawaiian word for "excellent".
Furthmore-- kine bud is not a specific strain of bud (i.e. Northern Lights, Afghani-Skunk, White Widow). It is a term for higher quality bud-- usually ones whose genetics (strains) are not known but is of higher potency than schwag.
Note: Highest quality buds (i.e. Northern Lights, Afghani, AK-47) tend to be cultivated by Marijuana Connoiseur's who pay attention to details-- like the genetics or "strain," of the bud...therefore they generally do not call their bud "kine" but instead refer to it by strain (i.e. Northern Lights). To simply call it "Kine" when the actual genetics, or breed, is known- would be undermining the true quality of the bud.
A bag of "kine" will run run yah about $30 for an eighth. (eighth = 3.5g)

An eighth of Northern Lights (sensimilla of course) will be about $60. (sensimilla = seedless)
by Cookie August 24, 2003
Actually pronounced Kine in origin Hawaii, probably switched to Kind on continent. Related to 'Da Kine', currently used in Hawaii for 'it' but referred as excellent in certain applications (similiar to No Ka Oi, Hawaiian for The very best"), since Hawaiian grown buds are usually very effective.
"what, your budz no ka oi?"
"no no, fomorrow i get kine budz dough"
by Anonymous October 20, 2003
A good friend or buddy who treats you nicely and thus is kind.
There is nothing like passing the time with a kind bud.
by brap January 25, 2006
high (or at least higher) thc % than low grade weed. in my area any weed not known by strain but is aprox 5-10% thc (of course most of you couldnt tell the difference). kind bud or any weed be it 2%-24% thc (24% being the highest i know of) may contain seeds. most kind bud doesnt contain seeds because its usually taken care of much better than schwag ie: usually (around here) grown indoors in which conditions are much better, when flowering is started (12 hours of light a day or less) in usually 1 week you can tell male from females (2 weeks at most) plants, and the grower just kills off the male plants or generally selects the best male and saves its pollen to pollenate the best looking female. no males flowering with the females means no seeds. kind bud may not have a strong smell or great taste (though it usually does), smoking it is the only real way to test it.
by joe smoe November 25, 2003
Goofy shit wit no seed (sensimila) comes from hawian "kine" meaning excellence but was changed to
"kind" over seas;contains orange/red hairs and quite a few THC cyrystals and comes in thick nugget form...

nUg SmOkErS oNlY chaiir boiieee
this smoke is only reefer...and it makes you happy dont it (bone thugz)
by Afro-Alex December 6, 2003
Good a** dank weed. Beats the h*ll out of schwagg. Once you start smoking kind bud, you'll just say no to schwagg. Kind buds exspensive unless your lucky a** lives in Amsterdam.
"You wanna smoke? I got some schwagg." Kind bud holder say, "What?1 Your still smoking that nasty stuff?! Look what i got man." They smoke the kind bud and the recently schwagg user throws the schwagg away.
by Logan Of tha ATX October 31, 2003
Very good high class weed. Hard to find a fuckin seed so i can grow it.
I got some nice kb shit,man get that bong.
by THC July 11, 2003