Something which most of the words on this site aren't, thus giving stupid people an excuse to try and delete pretty much anything they want. Should ideally be written in all capital letters and followed by several exclamation points to announce to all who read it what a total ass you are.
"No one gives a fuck about your personal views, since they aren't URBAN SLANG!!!!!" -- Some stupid cunt
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Usually posted by people who thnk it's "cleva" or "funneee" to create made-up phrases that nobody has ever heard of or ever used in real-life... probably because they have no friends and rarely leave their bedroom.
Loser: "twazzagoonlicker" is a ....
Me: Shut up, that's not urban slang
Loser: Who cares, I can write what I want
Me: Idiot. Go do something else. Like think. Thinking's good.
by Mr.T, I pity da fool! March 10, 2005
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A sad excuse people use to have definitions of things they don't like removed from Urban Dictionary, even if they are truthful and non-offensive. Common among those who have no respect for things outside their personal realm of interests.
If everything that is "Not Urban Slang" was removed from Urban Dictionary, we'd have about 300 words.
by Chernorizets Hrabr November 6, 2004
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Urban, meaning Urban, NOT rural, slang..not of proper language. Note to all hipocrites: Unfortunately slang is an improper use for any language, and can be found usually in almost every language, and can cause total misinterpretations of situations or otherwise. Commonly used in the presence of others whom are not privy to this form of language, usually insulting. Also unfortunately most slang usually IS RACIST, or makes fun of race, sex, or religion, or something. However just because something is racist, doesnt mean that it is slang. It never ceases to amaze me of how many uneducated people on the internet there is. Even minimal education should be required for use of the internet. I for one am totaly scared of all the idiots out there, and after reading some of the additions to this URBAN SLANG thing, Frankly I am worried. It is quite possible that these type persons could use the internet to attain a higher knowledge. Become more aware of the education requirements for future advancement personal and financial. Care about your fellow person, instead of denying him relief. The world will never change as long as YOU wont. People reading this, please get an education, and drop yourself in a foriegn country for at least a year, preferably a third world country. when you come back, if you survive, you will appreciate your own country more, and the citizens that populate it. And then maybe you will realize exactly what "Urban Slang" is, you might also understand the true definition of "Urban Legend" as well.
Exactly what is this Urban Slang?
by Partidave March 10, 2005
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I agree with the other definition so all you stick-up-your-ass people that don't like our definitions...don't read em ya jaggaz!!!
Hey---like---this is not urban slang.
Hey---like---shut the fuck up you fucking fuckfaced fuckie.
Oh, ok.....
by Andi March 7, 2005
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This is phrase that is used very often (by me) whenever I see a word or phrase in the Urban Dictionary that I know no-one uses, anywhere, at any time, ever.
I saw "Number Four Year", and "ehaircut" on Urban Dictionary, and my first thought was 'Urban Slang My Arse'.
by 6ame August 31, 2010
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