A massive bowel movement that talks like a crackwhore halway through a botched deep throat and is mentally inferior to my ball bag.
Oy burrito night was brutal, I gotta go take a massive Imus.
by Sam is a Dick March 21, 2007
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Adjective: A term used to describe a politically incorrect, crass, or grossly offensive statement.

Usually used when referring to a statement made on T.V. or in the public eye, where the statement is so politically incorrect, the person who said it could be fired.

“Did you hear what Fudge said the other day on the evening news? It was so imus, I think he’s going to get fired!”

imus-ness noun

imus-ly adverb
by kai0897 September 09, 2008
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MSNBC radio shock jock that was suspended from the airwaves following racial slander towards the Rutgers womens basketball team, which consisted of eight percent African-Americans.
"Yeh dose r sum nappy headed ho's right durr let me tell ya dat!" - Don Imus
by Markham Nathan April 11, 2007
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A shock jock that was a victim of the double standard racism. Invoked by those frauds and biggots jesse jacasson and al shiton
Had he been black no one would have said a word.

He got fucked
by Rapsucks1738 May 02, 2007
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What "The Don" should have said to himself before he ever became a radio personality.
It actually took a debate with Al Sharpton to get "The BIG I" to admit that, "Imus learn some better manners" --- yeah, no s**t, Sherlock!
by QuacksO October 16, 2018
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Imus Patton

Da notorious tough-as-nails four-star general who was temporarily relieved of his duty for referring to his battle-weary-and-disheveled soldiers as "nappy-headed hoes".
If Imus Patton had watched his mouth as well as he strategized his battles, he might have led the Normandy invasion instead of being withdrawn from combat due to his verbal misconduct.
by QuacksO December 28, 2018
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