verb: to punish for politically incorrectness yet the politically protected get away with.

more generally: to punish for being politically incorrect
Clinton was not imussed for being sexy with a 19yr-old.

"White Men can't Jump" is not punished.
Afro-Americans can't read is imussed.

Duke lacrosse players were imussed.
Duke accuser is not punished.
by diplod April 14, 2007
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John Donald Imus aka the I-Man. Radio talk show host out of NYC. His show Imus in the Morning can be seen on MSNBC. Show has notoriously bad ratings
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cantankerous radio host; points out phonies, jerks, morons, etc. etc.
Ever wonder why Imus's show is simulcast on MSNBC? Because his movement's next to nil, it doesn't rush people up! (not a shot at Imus, actually he's pretty funny)
by Alex April 16, 2003
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(Phrase) Used after one inadvertently says something that could be construed as racist.
Man, I can't mess with these white girls... They don't know how to act. No Imus
by Christopher Anderson December 15, 2007
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IS the biggest phony ever. A craggy-faced, angry, obnoxious, UNFUNNY, haughty son of a bitch. Is the apogee of men who have faces MADE for radio.
Imus treated Howard Stern like crap, and now he is Stern's BITCH
by Juan A. Bizkit September 18, 2003
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Another way to say anus. A really gross smelly anus, found mostly on a sick monkey.
My imus is itchy from using bad TP. You are one smelly imus!
by wadderbuttle May 31, 2011
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The act of owning and defeating someone military when the odds are against you
Dave: Did you see that game of CN yesterday? Jack: Yeah.. it was so IMU
by Kuros September 11, 2007
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