To collapse in on ones self, to explode inwards. Also, to fail miserably at something.
Shit, i fucking imploded on that math test.
by Burt Reynolds February 26, 2003
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Not only did she suck the skin off my dick, but, she made my balls implode. I think even my ass caved in.
by SONIC March 14, 2004
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Commonly said during a disagreement of ideas in which there is no rebuttal and signifies the speaker's victory. The term was first said in a discussion about the Big Bang or the end of the world. (I think...)
Uncle Kenny: The human race will die off long before the earth. Earth will continue existing until the sun explodes.
Commonyoshi: Not if it implodes.


Zook: Weedle is the coolest pokemon ever.
Commonyoshi: Not if it implodes.
Zook: Dammit!
by commonyoshi July 31, 2009
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When you have to repress a fart and it kind of goes off inside you and you feel it bubble its way back up in out of sight before it escapes.
Imploding is a techincal word by a Georgie where a fart is repressed when youre in awkward situations like a que, a date or an interview, even in a swimming pool! All applies and we all implode. Dont do it for too many hours though or you might explode and die.
by The public imploder January 9, 2014
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To try not to laugh because your boss is there while you are receiving hilarious IMs
Dan totally IMploded when Katy recounted her weekend over IChat. His boss asked what the hell was wrong with him.
by allatymhaha April 13, 2009
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(v)it is when one is subjected to such a shock that their male genital organ is sucked up into the body and later retrieved in excramential form.
bob: i imploded yesterday
Not Bob: dude, sucks.
Bob: i know dude, and know im gay
by jiga the nigga December 12, 2004
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When a friend is trying so hard not to bite at banter directed towards them, that he explodes from the inside out, causing extreme distress and an excessive knock in confidence.
Everyone: "Lucky can drink a lot faster than you, Spence"
Spencer: "F*ck off! Talk to me when you can down a pint faster than me"
Everyone: "Oiiiii nibble!!!!! He's about to implode!"
Spencer: "*silence* *banter slowly eats way at Spencer's soul*"
by ckbsb April 24, 2015
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