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Maintaining a modicum of morality despite, or because of, the behavior of one's president.
I had my students follow President Trump on Twitter for an assignment in civics class. They were imperviable. No one was grabbed inappropriately for the duration of the lesson.
by Boba_McSolo February 4, 2017
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The Catholic act of giving up again for Lent what one gave up in the first place, after a moment of weakness.
"Okay, so I ate a case of Cadbury Creme Eggs last night, but I'm re-Lenting. I'm back off the sugar until Easter. And this time I mean it. That's my bad, God."
by Boba_McSolo March 20, 2017
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A person is selfie-indulgent if their profile pictures on various app sites are exclusively Dutch angle solo face shots.
"I really like making gifs with gifboom, but the people who follow me are so selfie-indulgent. Yes, you're cute. Now make a gif, for Pete's sake."
by Boba_McSolo December 28, 2013
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Jew-hitsyu is a new fighting style from Israel, popular among a growing number of Jewish boxers, as jested by a white American racist to his fellow drunken friends.
Jew-hitsyu: the bigot's way to acknowledge that a Jewish man is a badass.
by Boba_McSolo December 31, 2014
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