The bounciness of electricity, measured in ohms.
Nobody can define impedance so that anyone can understand.
by Monkeyboy February 18, 2005
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A measurement (in Ohms) of how much an electrical circuit pushes back when it's pushed.
The phone/phono jack input to an amp is usually a high-impedence circuit. It will not allow a high amount of current to flow into the amp. Woofers on the other hand are low-impedence devices which allow a large current flow from the amp to provide a massive amount of power to the people...unless you push too much and smoke em.
by hillsurfer March 24, 2007
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Doing a backflip in a dank af invironment while stoned.
"OMG I just did the dank MLG impede!"
by Unit2465 July 14, 2015
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A theory which states that a universe is created from sheer awesomeness and the awesomeness which creates a universe radiates from someone with sheer awesomeness. The awesomeness obstructs any other force which can potentially create life or the like - Hence, it is called the "IMPEDE Continuum". (FYI, if you don't know, Impede means to obstruct.) In other words, awesomeness created the universe and everything else was created by China. Awesome right?
Person 1: Guess what?
Person 2: What?
Person 1: Totally did something awesome.
Person 2: And that was...?
Person 1: I created this theory about how awesomeness can create a universe. I called it "The IMPEDE Continuum"

<Explains The IMPEDE Continuum>

Person 1: Awesome right?
Person 2: Awesome....

<awkward silence>

Person 2: I wonder what kind of universe just got created...
by Ren Atarashi March 12, 2010
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Condescending geek speak for suggesting that your power cord is unplugged. Used to make people with social lives to feel as though they've been bested by a being whose diet consists primarily of Cheetos and Mountain Dew.
User: My computer won't turn on.

IT Guy: Perhaps it's a PEBKAC error, or your AC cable may be experiencing atmospheric impedance.

User: Atmos...? Ooooh! Heh, very clever. I'll have to share that one with my hot girlfriend.

IT Guy: I'm so lonely.
by phishtails April 29, 2010
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the state of being angry, narcissistic, and totally impedic.
he was stewing in his own IMPEDANCE
by TotalImpedance October 14, 2019
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