10 definitions by Monkeyboy

The bounciness of electricity, measured in ohms.
Nobody can define impedance so that anyone can understand.
by Monkeyboy February 18, 2005
An abbreviation for "i don't even know", commonly used after doing something stupid. Originating from www.idontevenknow.com
loser1: dude, why the h3ll did you bang that nasty slutty?
loser2: lol, idek, she was dirty
loser1: right in the fupa, huh?
loser2: ... *dies*
by Monkeyboy February 23, 2004
n. A hard core coder. One who hacks.

v. To code or hack at a computer, usually in the late hours of the night.

Originated at WPI in the mid 70's, but still has a strong hold on the geeks who reside there.
guy1: you look tired, were you gweepin' all night?
gweep: yup, had to rewrite all of Jim's code again...
by Monkeyboy December 19, 2003
The most badass family to ever live. Known for their natural strength and ability to fight.
Ali could fight, but he was nothing compared to a Cundiff.
by Monkeyboy February 14, 2005
British equivalent of white trash, although the Brit variety is predominantly urban (though still of provincial mentality) whereas the American sort are typically rural (especially trailer trash).
Pretty much any young urban lad these days, but especially football hooligans wearing caps, hoodies, and g-strings above the waistline.
by Monkeyboy May 15, 2004
A term used by rednecks to describe Hondas.
Hey Billy Joe, did you see that Honda Shitty drive by?

Jim Bob, you know I was crawling around underneath my Camaro. Boy howdy, I don't know why they stopped making these things, they only break down every other weekend.
by Monkeyboy May 7, 2005
Wanna be special. Someone who spends way too much time online to not be on welfare.
by Monkeyboy July 25, 2003