- a cringey blonde tik toker who thinks just because he’s unique and unusual that he’s the greatest thing to ever happen to america, he’s literally the most infamous Individual out there that enjoys chaos and doesn’t reaLize that the only reason he’s gotten away with his crimes is because most people don’t give a damn to notice.

Gets by on his good looks and charm, and though every woman wants him badly he’s like a drug; he may seem like euphoria but he’ll destroy you from the inside.

Junior grimes goes under his name “J grimes” and likes these things; woman, money, gyme, music and snout.....

Whomever befriends junior, beware the son of sin as getting close to him comes with a price.

Junior Grimes” for ya
Girl 1: ugh I so need a boyfriend

Girl 2: so you should take up daltons offer and date him , sis

Girl 1: ew noo

*junior grimes shows up*

Girl 1: omg put a baby in me *nearly faints*

Junior Grimes: every single time ;)

Girl 2&3: *wets panties*

“Junior Grimes” defined
by Miss chaos queen July 10, 2021
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A sexy tik toker and youtuber perhaps best known for being the youngest male stripper ever. Originated from birkenhead, UK

Junior Grimes is notorious for being offensive and going over the line when it comes to disrespecting others and causing chaos. he’s an actor, rapper, super athlete and a prankster at times. but mostly he’s cringe.

has a little girl (the beak) and mort (willybone) whom often accompany junior on his adventures and missions. Junior considers himself the greatest thing ever when in reality he’s just a 12 yr old trapped in an adult body.

Junior grimes makes YouTube videos and usually does whatever the hell he pleases to since one day he’ll wanna be a chef then the next he’ll go skydiving, it always changes but that’s the charm of grimes, he’s the Jack of all trades.

Aka “J. Grimes” because he makes music too
Wait why the hell does it say he’s Australian??! Junior Grimes is british! Duh !

Junior grimes is an infamous youtuber “
by Hollow Victory July 14, 2021
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The most unusual yet interesting kid known to Man. Origin is highly unknown but that’s not what makes him mysterious, it’s his endless number of skills and stories that have happened to him, he’s always in some kinda strange and outlandish situation which further secures him as top villain protagonist if ever there was one

Grimes is cemented in the list of greatest villains
junior grimes is the one and only infamous J

White boi J is lethal, and the reason laws and authorities fear him are for the name “junior Grimes
by Jellyfishgangsta January 1, 2022
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I got a junior grimes every time I walk outside and look at the society I’m living in

I’m gonna junior grimes my way outta high school
by Mf boone November 23, 2021
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He who hath mastered the “art of not giving a FUCK
A divine mistake sums up junior grimes perfectly

Perfectly imperfect son of a bitch
by AB💿EFG February 6, 2022
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Kid that does everything

Example: to DO something by yourself without anyone’s help

the mysterious boy who’s always shifting and becoming whatever he pleases to, there is no “just one” version. junior does stuff & thangs

Junior grimes, the ultimate anti society kid who lives for himself as he’s got nothing to lose, gives zero fucks to what anyone thinks and can handle anything. though chaotic and malevolent, he’s honorable and gives true advice to those that seek it can be good meaning occasionally since he’s a bit innocent despite his dark nature.

forever considered the most interesting boy for all the wrong reasons. The first and last of his kind, TLDR; a kid that does everything and just enjoys living
if juniors life were a movie it’d be called “pursuit of pleasure” and the sequel “master of deception

junior Grimes Is the single most interesting person ever to exist and that’s not a good thing.

person 1: if we’re going to move everyone to Mars we must leave someone behind

Person 2: hmm

Person 1: it’s gotta be somebody

Person 2: wait, I know just the guy

**junior Grimes inherits the earth for himself as the apocalypse occurs !**

Junior Grimes: whoo, bout time you guys got here, now it’s a party!

end of world occurring*

World leaders: this day cannot get any worse

Junior: allow me to introduce myself

World leaders: oh shit……
by Jellyfishgangsta January 1, 2022
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Australian actor and rapper. Most notorious for his awful music and crazy hair
Guy 1: dude I just wrote a rap song

Guy 2: yea but your bars are shit don’t publish it

Guy 1: oh yea I don’t wanna be a junior grimes
by Sniper in a diaper May 8, 2021
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