A combination of the words "I'm" and "A". Sometimes pronounced "umma" or "amma".
"If you chage the channel one more time, Imma beat your ass!"
by goldtoofblingbling November 07, 2004
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imma(imm-a) is the second conciousness power,the power the power of the mind to grasp, develop and integrate an idea.It is the inner spiritual power to hear, meditate upon and contemplate a truth untill it becomes fully internalized in one's conciousness.
Naomi had been so concentrated on her IMMA's that she could hear, touch and see these inner freinds thruogh the barrier of their different dimentions.
by Naomi October 24, 2003
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everybody knows what that means but where to put that apostrophe at. here's my suggestion:

1) Imma, imma
2) I'mma
3) I'm-a
4) I'm a-<verb>
5) I'm'
imma usage 4

A: Hey here's your phone.
B: wtf, I'm a-shuffle that belly give that shit back rn
by like brah brah brah March 31, 2016
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