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°The way ghetto people (not necessarily black because whites and mexicans have even been caught), say "some more."
°The way people in a rush say "some more."
°The way children say "some more."
Leroy: Damn, my nigga that chicken was good as SHIT!!!
Juan: Sì, compadre give me smore.

Henrieta: Off to work so soon? What about seconds?
Jim: Imma get smore when I get home.

Jacob: How was your ice cream sweetie?
Julia: It was good, daddy. I want smore.
by Quocalimar December 04, 2011

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Wow, just wow. The way illiterate dumbasses, people in a hurry, or children (which really fall in to both categories) say one or a few of the following...
*I am
*I am a(n)
*I will

The way, usualy in text form, people write one of the above.
Max: What are you sposed to be?
Tina: Imma race car driver. Cuz I loves me some NASCAR.

Max: What are you going to do until your mother gets home?
Tina: Imma wait.

Max: What do you think you are doing with all of that money?
Tina: imma gonna spend it
by Quocalimar December 04, 2011

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