The most beautiful Chinese man in the world. His butt is flat but the love he gets never will be.
by bobisacunt August 13, 2017
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the most amazing person in the world, Xu Minghao that goes by the name The8 and 1/2 of the Kpop Boy group ; Seventeen 's China Line . He can rap sing and dance amazingly and is very talented in b-boying and arts . Stan this angel bishes, he deserves better !!
Minghao is so underrated it makes me mad!!!!!
by ultshao May 22, 2018
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Minghao, the most admirable man on earth. His persistence and dedication to the people around him is so inspiring. He cares so deeply for others and always puts them first. He has a beautiful soul that people see as they are around him. He is hard to miss with his shining personality (and fashion sense) and draws everyone too him. The love that he has for the people around him is so overwhelming that whoever receives it probably can't even imagine how much it is. He puts so much passion into the things he loves that everything around him disappears when he is doing them. He is absolutely wonderful at creating healthy boundaries with the people around him and they respect him for that. He has gone through rough times but has come out of them stronger than ever. He is the man everyone either wants to be or wants to be with. He is the epitome of almost perfection.
Someone: "Hey! Who's that almost perfect being over there?"
Someone else:"OH! That's Minghao!"
by mkghosty July 22, 2021
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1 Half of the china line in the KPOP Group seventeen, a precious lil bboying bean who although looks like he could never hurt anyone could probably give some serious damage with his nunchucks. has never ending talent and succeeds in everything that he tries. was slept on way too much until boomboom era pls just love him he needs everything in the world including hugs like he needs hugs he's so precious i-
Honestly a lot of the time, he is all i can think about and tbh all i want to think about. There is honestly nothing negative about him, he tries so hard, he succeeds with whatever he tries, his voice is the most angelic thing i've ever heard, his dancing is just damn beautiful and his soul is literally a shining diamond. I love him so much, and sometimes when i think about how he was he last member to join seventeen i get so sad, because if he hadn't joined pledis (even tho pledis are dicks a lot of the time) no one would know about this sweet angel that does everything with a smile. He is my moon and stars, and if i could i'd give him the moon and stars from every galaxy in the universe ❤️ Please love and support minghao in everything he does
by lolcatz rule! June 2, 2017
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handsome chinese man who’s part of performance team in the kpop group seventeen.

god of the religion mulletism. he pulls off a mullet like a boss.

his chinese will make you want to learn how to speak it even if you don’t know it.

mr. pretty ankles.

can take pictures better than you and is more artistic than anyone.

hella beautiful.
boy: what type of guys do you like?
girl: i like minghao guys
by October 4, 2018
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xu minghao is hands down the most talented person on this planet. he's the sunshine of the kpop boy group seventeen!!!! he is amazing at dancing, singing, rapping and basically everything!!! he is my sun, moon, starts and sky!!! he is my everything!!!! the loml. even though he doesn't know it he's helped me through so much. his smile is so beautiful, and its contagious!! whenever i see him smile i always smile too. minghao is so underrated and deserves the world!!!! he deserves all the love in the universe. no matter how i feel, no matter how sad i am, minghao always makes me feel better. the sound of his voice is so calming, and his dancing is mesmerising. also he's the skinniest legend ever to exist uwuwuwuuwwu
minghao is the loml!!!!! i hope he's happy and healthy!!!!! i'm so soft for him!!!!!! my talented bby!!! he always makes me go uwu!!!!!
by uwusvt June 10, 2018
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an idiot who likes to make stupid jokes and watch scrubs. tends to act gay with close guy friends although he's more into girls.
dude can you stop being a minghao? seriously it's damn irritating.
by jkhoo March 5, 2009
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