when talking about bush jr. ... the one administration ever in the history of democracy that is a minority administration, Al Gore got more votes than W Bush in the 2000 election, that is a solid fact... look it up.
Where are the weapons of mass destruction?.. Why havent we found Osama Binladin? Why did Bush become president when Gore has more votes? and where is little timmy?
by Jonny Donut June 6, 2004
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The stupidist man on earth trying to run a country and failing miserably at it.
The economy has gone in the crapper ever since the Bush Administration somehow took over in office.
by Chopper April 25, 2004
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horrible people that have f'd up the u.s.

they include
President bush
by bigboyboyhiphop August 13, 2005
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the weakest presidency if you could call it that. Just some stupid ass hick who can't even make a speech and failed all his speech classes when trying to be a politician. He faggot ass pops just put him in and his other son in florida. (where the votes were hidden? hmmmm)
This looks more like an arabic family takin over a country. Sold nucleure weapons around with his dad. Only reason he invaded iraq and afganistan was to put thier pipe line through them and imperialise them startin up business and shit over there. After the whole world said leave them alone and Kofe the un general that foreign house negro just followed. Last election only won the southern hick states and votes. One of the lowest rated president ever. And the stupidest one who wasn't even destined to be a president.
Bush administration is a hipocracy Diddy prolly voted for his ass kerry wouldn't of been that much better. they are fucked up that bush and dick with their dyke and drunken daughters. conda rice is jus the sally hennings of this administraion
by Da Troof October 16, 2005
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1. World largest terrorist funded organization in the world. All members are lapdog puppets hand picked specifically by the Illuminati to carry out the ultimate plan and diversion. Which is to rob the the middle class and poor of rights, liberties and overall freedom and take over the entire world through fear and strong arm tactical invasions of weaker nations in order to gain the ultimate pursuit Capital Imperialism.

2. Criminals Against Humanity, Period.
Think Of A-team:

In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to hell by a military court for a crime they did commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security hell hole via funding and support by the powers that be to the Washington D.C Underground. Today, still wanted by bounty hunters, Defenders of the Constitution and the oppressed, they survive as terrorists of fortune. If you have a problem - that no one else can help - and if you can't find them - maybe its a by product of: The Bush Administration.
by Slade Technics November 29, 2006
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A term to describe when someone is acting or being exceptionally stupid. Used when short bus is just not strong enough.
The origin is of course from America's current and worst President ever. The term is used when something is so irritatingly dumb it could only come from Bush and his cabinet.
*Often shortened to "B.A." or "B.A. Special"
1. "So you're condemning stem cell research because it destroys new life to prolong old life, but you support the war? Man, that's just B.A."
2. "Johnny Knoxville's pretty short bus, but Britney's just B.A. special."
by Dave Rapp August 5, 2005
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