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The lovaeble character from the childrens show "Dora The Explorer".A 7 year old latino girl with her friend boots the monkey, teach kids spanish and cognitive abilities. Show rated for preschoolers. For a less intelligent definition see "dora".
"Alcanza Las Estrellas"
by Menchi September 22, 2004
A message board on the Internet where anime fans from all the world over congregate to post pictures.
4chan is the coolest thing since 2chan.
by Menchi February 6, 2004
A playable unit in a popular game called Starcraft developed by Blizzard.
My DarkTemplar just killed your Marines because you forgot to scansweep.
by Menchi March 30, 2005
idiot king of FYAD

formerly chosen every week, now the bat king reigns
by Menchi May 29, 2004
Happening upon something that other people already found way, way before you found it.
This thing costs some money once the trial is over... so in case I am just "discovering America", I was wondering if anyone was aware of any similar but free options?
by Menchi May 29, 2004
Uptight, stubborn.

Usage Note: You might like to think you're ascribing some sort of diagnosis to a person when you describe him as "anally retentive", but it doesn't mean anything in a psychiatric sense. It sounds professional, but it's merely a disguised way to insult someone.
"Bob's always been that nitpicky. I think he's anally retentive."
by Menchi January 13, 2004
adj. Loveably stupid.
n. pl. A trio of schoolmates in the television show "Azumanga Daioh", all of whom have very bad grades. (Japanese "bonkura" blockhead + pidgin-English "-zu")
30!! 31%!! 47%!! TOGETHER 103%!! TEAM BONKLERS WIN!!!"
"Why do you want to turn the :) smiley into an animated GIF? That's just bonklers.
by Menchi December 5, 2003