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A community that is pro-jailbreak, but anti-piracy (that really rustles their jimmies). While some actually help people with their Apple-related problems, most of it is just people worried about their own agenda, everyone is in their own little circle. It's not really a recommended site for Apple-help.
An example of an iFans thread. Not all are like this:

boblol123 posted: need help with my iPhone jailbreak. It is stuck in DFU boot loop. Any help?

stupid ifan member posted: lol i <3 your sig. 1st, you have to plug in your ipod to computer. den,you got 2 buy some music from itunes. den youll have some music. your welcome, give me a like and follow plz.

boblol123 posted:ok thanks. But im stuck in DFU mode, i need help to get out. Not buy music.

Stupid admin posted: BAN 4 LIFE LOL!

*boblol123 got a BAN 4 LIFE LOL*

stupid ifan member posted: thx admin. He really rustled mai jimmies. Want to gay cyber secks?

stupid admin posted: no, not 2day. I have to ban ppl ttat need help.
by bgizzle_can_suck_it April 08, 2012
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