The improper way of typing out the phrase You're welcome.

Often used by people who never learned how to spell, or who lack Grammar teachers that give a damn.
Your = Possesion; This is your salami.
You're = You are; Are you sure you're gonna do that?

guy: "Thanks alot."
guy 2: "Your welcome."
guy: "Wow. You're an idiot."
by cadon June 30, 2009
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what you say when someone says "thanks" (meaning more than one thank you, or many thanks). because you dont want to sound like a cheap Jew and only send back one "your welcome" for all their "thanks", you make it plural and say "your welcomes".
oh my god, tube socks.....again. thanks?
your welcomes!
by Kaptain Krackalackin November 4, 2008
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Over staying your welcome is when your at a friends, family members, ect. Home and you've been there way past the time you where expected to leave.
Arnold was having a birthday party from 9pm to 12am. At 12am he noticed everyone was walking out the door except for Jacob so instead of being upfront and telling Jacob it's time to go he tells Jacob it's that time that he jumps in the shower thinking he gets the hint and takes off. After the long relaxing 30 minute shower he gets out, goes to his room and wtf does he see? Jacob laying on his bed watching the grinch. Jacob is clearly over staying your welcome
by Namsayindoe November 27, 2013
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When some who doesn't have a place to stay, lives with you for three weeks and then floods your apartment.
Hey Travis, I know you do not have a place to stay and you been here for three weeks but you just flooded my apartment. You just showed me what "wear out your welcome" means so GET OUT!!!!
by Jaehoal J. Ones September 16, 2011
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