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Song contest which takes place annually in Europe, first started in 1956 and has recently had its 50th show, has launched the career of bands 'ABBA' and 'BRAINSTORM'.
Popular worlidwide not just Europe.
The Eurovision song contest is held in Athens in 2006.
by Vicki Baron November 01, 2005

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A band from South Wales who have acheived huge chart sucess in many countries, they have a very hot lead singer called Kelly Jones.
Hey i went to see the stereophonics at manchester last night, they were excellent!
by Vicki Baron November 04, 2003

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Welsh actor star of, Little Nicky, Notting Hill, 51St State, twin town and theatre work in wales and london. Used to be in band super furry animals, very good looking with a ace accent!
Hey, isnt that Rhys Ifans great, i loved him in twin town.
by Vicki Baron September 08, 2003

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An ace nightclub in San Paroche in Ibiza, is used in the film kevin and perry go large. Plays pumpin house and balearic pumpin, also chicane, lol.
hey dude did you hear the set at amnesia last night it was rincin'!
by Vicki Baron November 04, 2003

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