ayt is short for ight short for aight short for alright
do u wanna eat my ass?
ayt sir
by chrcv February 14, 2019
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hey kevin, want to go see a movie with some girls?

by chiledude April 9, 2003
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can either mean "are you there?" or "alright"
"ayt fam cuz i been out ere for time." OR "nah still im in j1 ends"
by deefunds. November 25, 2017
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abbreviation for "Are You There"
AOLUser373817: AYT?
AIMUser12983: yeah, sup?
by Moo August 30, 2004
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abronhill young team
oh shit its chucky ross and the ayt
by chucky ross ay.1 March 15, 2021
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1)A shorter way of saying 'Alright' or 'Aight'
2)Agreeing with something.
Wigger: Ey foo, them posers claiming the 818, let's go hit em` up.

Wanksta: Ayte then.
by Pizzamanufdoom November 21, 2005
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It's a shortening for ''alright''. It means ''ok''.
-I'll pass by around 6.

by lolita164164 May 22, 2020
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