An individual who adds to the overall appearance or dynamics of a group but has no interesting qualities on their own. Similar to the herb parsley, which is used in many dishes as a garnish; these individuals "garnish" a group interaction (oftentimes in a party or entourage) but have no flavor or personality by themselves.
L: Why would you invite Luis to the party? He's so boring!
D: Yeah, but the guest list is too exciting. We need to throw some parsley in there.
by bampowthoom May 4, 2007
n. Someone who adds no "flavor" or "spice" to the conversation or group, to the point where the others forget that he/she even exists. This term was derived from the parsley herb which is mainly just used as garnish on a plate, yet is rarely eaten.
Man, I think we should eliminate Gary from our crew - he is such parsley and can never pull any hot ass!!!
by Snocap September 19, 2006
Hey Jim, it is very current to trim or completely shave your parsley. Not only does it make things look larger than they appear in real life, but it prevents parsley in the teeth.
by marydelightful July 6, 2010
a herb that you can grow in the backyard. its a good garnish, tastes ok and smells nice. you can buy it at your local nursery for a cheap price.
parsley is used in pasta
by Mc Degreez August 23, 2006
To 'pull a parsley' or 'do a parsley':

When a man is engaging in cunnilingus with a woman and she defecates, he wipes and then continues. Referring to the manner in which one brushes aside a parsley garnish in order to continue enjoying the flavor of the dish.

Can refer to the man's act of continuing cunnilingus, or the woman's act of defecating mid-cunnilingus.
Dude 1: "Dude, I was going down on this chick last night and I totally pulled a parsley."

Dude 2: "Yo, that's nasty, homes."

Chick 1: "Oh my god, so I went home with that guy from the bar last night, and he went down on me, and I did a parsley! Soooo embarrassed."

Chick 2: "Um, yeah honey, next time try one less jager-bomb."
by Kli Toris July 22, 2010
Eatting pussy
Steps for sex:

1. Kissing
2. Touching
3. Chopping parsley
4. Insertion

After we kissed, I slid her pants off and began chopping her parsley
by MJBL January 9, 2012
Individuals that add no real value to a social setting. Like parsley, it adds to the over all aesthetic but is not integral and would not be noticed or missed if removed. Ultimately, a non-factor in the social world.
That guy was nice, but didn't really have anything valid or humorous to say. He was social parsley. NEXT.
by Haus of HMX July 4, 2011