a persons desire or urge for something/someone
I feen for meg. Shes so gorgeous.
by Nick and meg July 15, 2016
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Is the Irish Traveller word for Man. it comes from Irish Traveller language and found its way into slang in many area's in Ireland especailly in Cork and Limerick. Other common Traveller words in Cork and Limerick slang are beoir - girl, feek - Kiss/Sleep with, Subla - Child,
Who's dat Feen dere talkin to Martin, thats Micheal Mc Donagh
by KDK23 April 6, 2008
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From Cork city in Ireland - slang term for a male
"See dat feen over dere like - he's a right langer"
Translation: "Look at that male over there. He is not a nice person."
by starchaser February 6, 2004
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A shortened version of "fiend" as in to fiend for something, jonesing, jonesin' etc. Usually when so desperate for addictive substance that the "feen" or person "feening" doesn't have time to complete the pronounciation of words, let alone entire sentences. Abbreviated for fiend.
1 a : DEVIL 1 b : DEMON c : a person of great wickedness or maliciousness
2 : a person extremely devoted to a pursuit or study : FANATIC *a golf fiend*
3 : ADDICT 1 *a dope fiend*
4 : WIZARD 3 *a fiend at mathematics*
When I ran out of pot, I got crazy-like yo', I was fiending... But now that I'm addicted to crack, all I can ever do is run around all crazy-da-bomb like super-yo'! and feen, I'm like feenin' all the time now...
by ampudroid August 21, 2007
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SEE: fiend

Feen is not a word or a term. FIEND is.
Someone who is addicted to or experiencing a strong craving/desire for something. They are not "feening" they are "fiending". Also see: jones and jonesing.

I am fiending for a cold beer.
by SgtKarj August 21, 2007
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Kelly: Where's Ray???
Jay: Yo, she's a feen for Ray.

meaning she really wants this Ray guy.
by KEY1 April 26, 2008
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sounds exactly like

is defined exactly like


Feen is for people with illiteracy.
i can't speak or spell properly so i say feen DUURRR
by pengoooooo August 21, 2007
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