1st girl lays down on stomach and other girls lay on top and you lick their ass holes from the bottom girl to the top girl like when licking an ice cream sandwich
At the party last night I had an ice cream sandwich with 3 girls from class.
by Mr. Whiskers April 22, 2022
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The act of laying on top of a girl after ejaculating onto her stomach.
Bro, I was so tired after jerking off onto Tessa's stomach that I just ended up ice cream sandwiching her after.
by Bandit of cream November 24, 2013
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An action in sex, where a man ejaculates in between the breasts of a well endowed girl of brown-black skin tone, hence symbolizing the two sweet chocolate wafers and the gooey white center in between
I would love to give an ice cream sandwich to that black chick Mmmmmmmm!
by BlatantLie April 14, 2010
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While doing a chubby female in missionary, you pull a fat flab open, and nut in it.
Tom : "Yea, she dumped me after I pulled an ice cream sandwich on her.
by TheMadNecro October 21, 2017
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When you put a scoop of ice cream on your tongue and then go down on yo girl when she's close, causing her to orgasm while the ice cream drips and melts.
Tyfynni Lynn (Roommate): "OMG, spill the deets, how was last night?!? Like, why the fuck are the sheets green?!"
Brtanni-Georgietta: "Well we spilled something... I was about to orgasm and then Tyrone gave me an ice cream sandwich and I about passed out!"
Tyfynni Lynn- "Oooh, so it WAS it was mint chocolate chip"
by Image.jpeg August 22, 2015
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When one girl is on top of another and you are getting them both from behind, one after the other and you slip and cum between them.
I slipped and gave the ladies an Ice Cream Sandwich!
by DoctorDingle February 8, 2012
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After ejaculating onto the torso of a woman, collapsing onto her, thus creating a "sandwich" in which the two torsos are the outer chocolate cake-like wafers, and the jism is the "ice cream" between the two.
After Jack unloaded his skeet on Jill's chest, he passed out on her and they ice cream sandwiched until he woke up.

"Dude, did you see Mark at the party last night?! He came so hard on Dana that he passed out and they were totally forming an ice cream sandwich! I got a picture on my phone!"
by DandKforever July 13, 2008
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