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short for "details", usually details of gossip
My friend wanted to know what happened at the party last night so I gave her the deets.
by FD September 30, 2004
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Stolen Credit Card details, bank cards etc.
Me: yo g, you got any deets?
Chav: nah g, im out, getting more in soon.
by hyphy da spyda June 20, 2017
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I've just changed my address, here's the deets: 45 Lala Lane. Lalaland. etc.
by kmr September 03, 2003
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Short for details...
hey dude! i need to know what's going on for tonight (what time to meet you, what bar etc.) text me back with the deets...
by j.mags May 13, 2008
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An abreviation for the word details. Typically used in casual email conversations. Not so much in the real due to the lameness of using slang in speech.
Email to friend: Sorry to hear you lost yor phone, here are my phone numbers as you requested.

Email reply: Thanks for getting back to me with the deets, i appreciate it. Talk soon! Peace
by VICKI KARMA November 01, 2006
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Deet, Noun, "A Detail". Can also be used as a verb to express desire to gain information.
Dude I heard Sam hooked up this weekend. Deet me!
by Comming Outta Orinda February 11, 2007
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