The most often requested and highest earning prostitute in a pimp's stable.
Mary was top girl in Jacko's stable until she eloped with that idiot Hans.
by Blizzardguy September 15, 2017
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A girl who is so fine that you have to drop the top of your convertible when you ride with her in it.
by J-Ceezy April 22, 2006
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a girl large enough that you can take up to the mountains to keep you warm and sleep in her blubber.
Bro 1: dude... joe made out with a mountain top girl.
Bro 2: No freakin way.. thats hilarious.
by gibsonsgclassics March 05, 2010
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1. Tonya-Chicago
2. Cameran-Sand diego
3. Trishelle-Las vegas
4. Mallory-Paris
5. Sarah-Philly
Others receiving votes: The girls mj and brad had one night stands with
Dude 1:Dude wre u just in the bathroom
dude 2: Yeah i was chokin my chicken i just watched real world chicago.....Tonyas fuckin amazing
by the king tits December 14, 2004
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she's the life of every party; She carries herself with the utmost class and respect but knows how to have a good time and boogie ; )
electric em is such a top drawer party girl!
by electric em October 20, 2008
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