to present someone with a Smirnoff Ice and require that he/she chug it while on one knee.
"you just got iced" or "you've been iced, bitch!"
by ice brah May 13, 2010
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Another term used to describe the act of killing.
We gonna ICE them biatches for rapin that girl last night.
by Joshiro007 February 19, 2003
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In Case of Emergency, regading Contact names in your cell phone. ICE1, ICE2... ppl to call if you are incapacitated.
by CLos March 13, 2006
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1. To embaress or insult some one badly.
2. To murder.
3. Frozen water.
4. A crystalized drug I read about today in school.
1. Man, she ICED you, dawg!!!
2. He iced his girlfriend!!! Yeah, seriously dawg, he used a poisonous cookie!!!
3. I like to suck on ice, and sometimes, it even STICKS to my tounge!!!
4. I wonder what this so called 'ice' is like? I've never heard of it before. And I thought I was street-savy.
by -PerpermentPattie November 03, 2005
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1.) costly jewerly that is worn by members of a g unit, or else someone trying really hard.... normally this jewerly contains diamonds, and when a guy gets his ice on, one may call it getting "frosted". note: frosted does not mean white

2.) crystal meth... this really should be self explainatory

3.) frozen water, which is very helpfull when trying to chill beers, cause they taste better that way, and also when mixing frozen drinks
Two boys upon seeing another passed out with all his ice on
- he's all iced out.
- yea, let's get some
- no those diamonds are fake
- i didn't mean his necklace
by L.M.P January 17, 2006
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originally used to refer to the drug 4-Mar, often confused with methamphetamine in its smokable form (crystal meth.)

Although internationally, in countries such as australia specifically, methamphetamine is not refered to as crystal meth as in is in the US but is most commonly known throughout all communities, due to media coverage, as ICE.

therefore depending on location, the word ICE could refer to the rare drug 4-mar or it could refer to the smokable crystal form of methamphetamine.
"that chick is full on crack head, gets on the ice everyday"
by peewee-sanchez October 20, 2008
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