1.Wrongly used term for highly pure crystallized methamphetamine. The correct name is crystal meth
2.Street name for the drug 4-methylaminorex.
by QuartzRox February 26, 2004
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Ice - an abreviation for "In-Car-Entertainment" which is a street term commonly used to describe the Audio and Visual equipment a car is equipped with.
Such equipment as CD Players, DVDs, Subwoofers, LED's, Lighting, etc.
Aftermarket (fitted after you bought it) or factory fitted (came with the car).
"Wo man, check out the Ice in that ride!"
"Its Iced out!"
by Iceman Fox May 10, 2008
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Huge items which are worn by gangstas as jewelry to show how wealthy they are. Items range from diamond earrings so big their heads are permanently cast to one side, chains so heavy that the individual suffers from chronic neck pains, and rings which take two fingers to wear. Usually made of platinum and laced with diamonds, those who purchase this type of jewelry find themselves in heavy debt and thus cannot afford to pay for the other necessities in life, like a comb, toothbrush, soap, washing power, or tissue. Though one who has an excessive amount of ice ends up sacrificing their personal hygiene, they believe they are still superior to the rest of humanity because of all the jewelry they possess. However, in most cases, individuals end up purchasing fake jewelry either because they can not afford the real thing or because they do not know any better.
~v. –ed, –ing, –es. To drench oneself in jewelry to a point where there is no reason to wear any clothes because the jewelry covers every inch of their body.
1.I am so iced out
2. I have so much ice.
by jc_milane13 March 13, 2005
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a healthy snack that can keep you energised for up to 12 hours!!!
i like ice when i smoke it. i like it when you inject it. don't worry there is no side effect. (not since last time i checked) it will help you with your energy and your alertness. don't be nervous. be assertive.
by DR Willie Stroker February 15, 2020
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the only german highspeed train

I.C.E. - Inter City Express
ICE from Berlin to Cologne
by neamtzu September 30, 2006
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