Someone who you used to love
Someone who doesn't show their feelings for you anymore, and you don't show your feelings for them, but you may still be in love
I saw my ex lover yesterday which was awkward, but we hooked up the next week.
by Charlie13579 January 19, 2016
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Ex-Lover Remorse

1. That feeling you get when someone is sleeping w/ the person you once slept with and you want them back for the sheer ego of it.

2. You're not sure that you want what you currently have and the challenge of getting back what you had is too much to resist.
Nadine: Hey, did you hear John is moving in with Lauren?

Adele: Seriously?!? Think I'm feeling some serious ex-lover remorse with that one because things with Jackson are getting kind of boring.
by FunWithWords February 3, 2012
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