4-methylaminorex, a very rare schedule-2 drug that is found almost exclusively in Hawaii. Its appearance is somtimes almost identical to crystal methamphetamine (glass), and its effects are similar, but not the same. Street dealers often misuse the term to refer to methamphetamine.
I was hooked on ice until I found glass, bra!
by doctordarker February 18, 2009
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A) meth (stimulating narcotic)
B) a dank ass type of chronic
C) jewelery, particularly jewels/gems like diamonds

there's probably a lot of different meanings, but these are pretty common.
A) often responsible for disgusting holes on your face & body, as well as grody teeth; also one of the most addicting drugs
B) gorgeous bud that literally looks icey because of all the crystals; gets you wayy past faded, out of your body, mind & zone. usually results in a kb coma where you can sleep for over 2O hours & still be tired when you wake up
C) something i have none of because i'm poor (; ...& i spend all my money on B.
by Lil KB January 07, 2009
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1. Frozen Water
2. Bling / Diamonds
3. In-Car Entertainment
4. A gun
5. Methamphetamine / P
1. Bruh, get me some ice for this Bacardi
2. Hey look, homeboy's iced out tonight! Da'mmmn.
3. Check it, just got that ice put in the whip this morning.
4. Hide that ice before the pigs come through.
5. You got any ice for me tonight Dawg?
by Got Ice..? December 17, 2007
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"Put ICE next to all of the people in your phonebook who you would like to be called."

"Call Helena ICE"
by velvetrose676 July 10, 2008
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1)Diamonds, chains, earrings, watches etc.

2)If you ice somebody that means you shot and killed them.

3)Frozen water
1)Yo watch iz iced out!

2)Ai Yo! Homeboy just got iced!

3)Go get me some ice fo my kool-aid!
by Skillz December 30, 2003
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"see this ice the dopeman's paradise" - Richboy (Lets Get This Paper)
"Ice anything look at my tennis shoes I ice that, who am I the back twister, lingerie ripper, automatic leg spreader... keepin it gangsta with cha" - NaS (Got Urself a Gun)
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Larry wait! i still have three ices left!
by daaaani March 21, 2010
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