The baddest of the nurses. Holy grail of nursing. The smartest and hottest of the nurses.
Only the smartest and hottest can be an icu nurse
by June 15, 2022
The 3 to 5 day old tampon pulled out by a doctor that is later found to be the cause of your septic shock.
"Remember nurse to change daily Otherwise you'll get an icu tampon"
by Lotek March 3, 2015
The Icus family is a group of grand warriors. A member of the Icus family named Karlicus is awfully handsome and will make your heart stop.
Wow! You're so skilled! Youm must be a part of the Icus family!
by Karlicus, James' King February 1, 2020
ICU is an elusive clique. They roll as one and never lacc. Always humble
Icu is cool asf cuz
by ICU Woo January 12, 2023