1. A term used to describe performing a certain role or activity 5 days a week.

2. Can also be used to express the general excitement of a person, place, or thing.

3. Used to point out something someone has done, seen, or said, sometimes in a joking or silly manner.
1. I'm a 5 day performer in the parade.

2. I'll be lookin' so fly on New Years! 5 day!

3. If someone removes their shoes and an unpleasant foot odor fills the room, one could say, "5 day smelly feet!"
by Snowperson6 February 3, 2010
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the 5 day pass from t-mobile where you get unlimited calls and texts to other t-mobile customers. used to cost £5 but now it's £7.50
I'll bell you tonite coz i got 5 day
by Me.Ox March 29, 2009
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An event described in myth and legend only as bliss
Me: Hey bro, we have a 5-day-weekend

Friend: *dies*
by verycewlperson March 28, 2023
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If you're in an argument with someone and they try to use evidence that you're wrong from more then 5 days ago, it doesn't count
The 5 day rule needs no explanation
by Ricky the God June 14, 2020
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When you are in between houses and you are living in a motel/hotel, its called a five day apartment. Not to be confused with vacationing in a motel/hotel, Five Day Apartment applies only to when you live in a hotel/motel without a real home to return to. NOTE: Five Day Apartment applies to any period of time, from one night to months on end.
I moved out of my house, but I can't move into my new place for a few weeks. I guess I'll rent a 5 day apartment.
by Ina5dayapartment July 26, 2010
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When more creative work would likely to be produced if companies were to extend the two-day weekend to five, so that employees only report to the office two instead of five days a week.
Since much work seems to get done during the weekend than on any weekdays, isn’t it apt for the workforce to implement a 5-day weekend, with workers reporting to work, say, on Thursday and Friday every week, since most people just love Friday but loathe Monday?
by MathPlus January 14, 2019
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The rule that states that if your added word is not published on Urban Dictionary in 5 days after first added, then it is safe to assume that your word will not get published and you have to try to readd it.
Jay: Damn, my defenition of GTFO is not published yet... it has been 7 days since I added it!

Gary: That's because you didn't follow the 5 day rule.
by nerd of the western frontier December 14, 2010
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