Something that you love and its your favorite thing. Or life Savior
This eye liner is like my holy grail .
by Coraline vela July 26, 2016
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1. A used 1-liter bottle cut in half to be used as a drinking instrument. Primarily to be used in consuming alchohlic beverages.
1. Fletch: Hey, would you guys mind if I poured some of my soda into a glass?

Tony: No can do man, dishwasher's broken, gunna have to build yourself a holy grail.
by TFree December 27, 2010
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Holy Grail

Experience will tell you a small box is best. Some call it tight pussy but small box is what it is. Lot of people say Asian women have it - possibly, but and I mean a big butt here, white women can have one too 蓮花 and it's the holy grail.
Me: What are you searching for Dude?

Alter ego: The Holy grail.
by McKenna from the Hall April 14, 2020
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This is when something is everything you've always wanted and you wont stop looking for it.
by weelaurabee September 19, 2018
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The cup which Jesus supposedly drank from at the last supper. Monty Python was once sent on a quest to find and retrieve it. They never completed this quest.
BRIDGEKEEPER: Stop! Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see.
LAUNCELOT: Ask me the questions, bridgekeeper. I am not afraid.
BRIDGEKEEPER: What is your name?
LAUNCELOT: My name is Sir Launcelot of Camelot.
BRIDGEKEEPER: What is your quest?
LAUNCELOT: To seek the Holy Grail.
BRIDGEKEEPER: What is your favorite color?
BRIDGEKEEPER: Right. Off you go.
LAUNCELOT: Oh, thank you. Thank you very much.
by Keegster April 24, 2003
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The ultimate goal of an occupation, profession, or endeavour.
A cure for AIDS is the holy grail of a number of scientists.
by Darth Ridley December 18, 2006
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the completion of the following sex acts during one day between a committed couple:
anal sex
oral sex

its purpose to promote wholesomeness through varied expressions of intimacy between two persons
Gabrielle: wanna Holy Grail this weekend?
Mark: oh yes, that sounds wonderful. we do have some weekend plans, though.
Gabrielle: yeah, true, we'll have to work those plans around Holy Grailing.
Mark: we always do!
by a. fort December 3, 2011
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