A Gettysburg term that means tired

Example: I'm so lacc dude hey you me too I heard she was lacc too
Dude I got no sleep I'm so lacc
by hdjhjdjd February 23, 2015
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fuck my ass i got a C and didnt pass my general ed classes god dingly damnit
FUck my lacc in the ass Dain Lee
by COach Jish March 14, 2016
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Lesbians against choosing chodes everyday.

Prounounced LACE-EE

Generally a term used for a girl that is into asshole guys. Most lesbians think that this girl should not date guys, but rather date girls.
by Tonkatough91 September 21, 2011
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In reference to the star wars creature witch jabba the hut tries to feed luke and solo to. usual aimed toward a women who has a huge disgusting vagina that is so big it could eat you alive.
Dude when I pulled down that fat bitches pants it was like a sar lacc pit. I almost puked. But I was desperate so i ate it anyway...
by Jeff Phillps- April 14, 2006
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Laccs was a former IRF officer who then got blacklisted and exiled. After that he got and still is part of the legendary D00R raiding group. The D00R raiding group has been raiding the Robloxian Imperial Federation from the very beginning. Laccs is now one of the OG members of the group and is famous and well known within the group. Laccs has been great at covering up secret missions and operations. He managed to AA multiple times the IRF discord server and has now on (3rd of august) multiple operations running with spies in the IRF.
Laccs is a legendary raider.
Laccs was a good person.
“He was a good friend”
by Laccsy Waccsy August 5, 2019
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