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A help desk technician in an office that only uses Microsoft products who is forced to help someone with their personal Macbook, iPad, iPhone or other Apple product.
Joe: Hey Stan, can you help me setup my iPad that I just bought?

Stan: No. I will not be your iBitch.
by kyleorlando January 16, 2013
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a person who is socially dependant on their iPod and refuses to partake in any sort of action without one.
Bob: Hey dawg, lets go and jump in puddles!
Rob: No way man. My iPod isn't charged.
Bob: Why do you have to be such a little iBitch all the time
by Meth-4-Life July 15, 2008
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An IBitch is a person who constantly shows off his/her Ipod, and most importantly, tries to get everybody else to buy one, and bitch about them if they refuse...
IBitch: "Hey Jimmy, Check out my new 120GB Video Ipod! Its awesome! Why don't you have one? You should definately go get one! Its only 500$ what are you waiting for? Come on... Join the sensation"

Poor Jimmy: "I can't afford it, god damn you! Quit being such an IBitch!"
by Farligt Kat June 20, 2007
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Any bitchy girl who lives in Illinois. Could also be a variation of a bitchy girl from Iowa, or Indiana, etc. More generally used and accepted when a person who lives in or is deeply involved with another state is talking about someone from an "I" state.
Mizzou (or any other non "I" state college) student: Ugh, I don't want to go home for the holidays. I'll have to deal with those old highschool iBitches all over again.
by Lindsey Baorski March 09, 2008
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