A girl who is very sensitive, and sometimes, complains a lot. But overall, she is a good person, just being bitchy a lot. Like Heather.
"Do you notice that Heather's been bitchy a lot recently",Greg
Phillip,"Gosh, she was bitching about a lot of stuff last night on the phone."
Kou,"She is a bitchy girl(BG)."
by medics March 28, 2009
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She's just a typical bitch who loves Starbucks and is a teachers pet that loves Nutella . Basically she's a bitch. (Black girls are better) now. Even if your black,Latino etc. you can still be one . You can act like one so just don't be one no one likes them. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ALL WHITE GIRLS SOME OF THEM ARE COOL ITS JUST THE PHONY TEACHERS PET ONES IM TALKING ABOUT.
The teacher forgets to collect the homework no one did then the white girl goes "msss we need to pick up homework" and everyone gets zeros because of the Bitchy White Girl
by Jmillsswag69 February 19, 2014
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