Being more happy then happy.
you make me more happier then anything in this world
by Lancer4848 December 03, 2008
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feeling more joy than before
you make me happier than i’ve ever been
by 안녕하세요 December 31, 2018
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1. Billie Eilish's recently announced album that has everything to be a big fucking ass success.
person 1: hey dude, have you checked billie's instagram lately?
person 2: yeah, I just did. she has just announced her second album called "Happier Than Ever"
by eilishst4n April 28, 2021
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Happier Than Ever is Billie Eilish's somohpore album (out now)
I'm Happier Than Ever
by CAFELYHELLA July 31, 2021
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Background: Coming from the fact that a pig is generally happier in it's own environment - it's own faeces (Makes tastier and tenderer Bacon and Sausages...)
Def: Where one person is extremely happy in the environment they find themselves in
Parachuting into the Playboy hot-tub and finding that their Sun-tan lotion boy is off for the day and they need a new one to oil them up... Expression comes into play when the job is at least 5 mins underway...
by Robert May 16, 2004
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