What you say when you’re cooking and someone walks into the kitchen saying “Mmmmm.... it smells so good in here!”
As I slave away at the stove, cooking dinner for my party guests, one of my buddies wives says Mmmmmm... it smells so good in here! My response: I just farted.
by goodlord! January 5, 2021
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DIJF?, Did I just fart?; A retorical question that often follows a room clearing event. Also a situation where the total unpopularity of a person might leave them with the notion that a stinker must be present.

Alternate applications may include;
DIJS-T?; Did I just shit?
DIJP-K?; Did I just puke?
DIJO-G?; Did I just orgasm?
DIJD-I?; Did I just die?
as the case may be...
Lee; Man, I was down at the town hall meeting and suddenly right in mid sentance, there's like, nobody listening. So I turn around and theres almost no one in the entire room.
Tony; Happens to me all the time. Right when I'm in the middle of a great rant, it's like solo-meo time.
Lee; So I'm wondering, Did I just fart?
Tony; Yeah well next time let one just for the satisfaction, get your DIJF? worth.
by the Toad February 14, 2011
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Such a warm happy feeling inside over something utterly delicious or satisfying, extremely pleasant, fullness of self.
I am so happy that you, two, finally got married: I could just fart rainbows.
by Guido1 January 7, 2011
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