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A term to describe any name of a grown woman who still draws a heart over the i at the end of her name. Usually, all women who do this are crazy and should be avoided at all costs. Terr(i heart), Sherr(i heart), Tam(i heart), Kell(i heart), Bobb(i heart) etc. This term has been researched and affirmed by many who have encountered this type of person and learned too late of this affliction.
He should have run when he got that first note from Sherri and she had drawn a heart to dot her "i". He'd still have his home.

Oh, I see you put a heart over the "i" in your name. Hmm, see ya!

You dated a Bobb(i heart) also? And she was crazy too?!
by glamrocker January 26, 2011
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soemthing people say that is incredibly gay to describe somethign they love
Tom:Isnt tim a douchebag for saying "i heart bill's penis" all the time?
Every sane person in the world: YES!
by franklin thomas mcgee November 11, 2004
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