A term to describe any name of a grown woman who still draws a heart over the i at the end of her name. Usually, all women who do this are crazy and should be avoided at all costs. Terr(i heart), Sherr(i heart), Tam(i heart), Kell(i heart), Bobb(i heart) etc. This term has been researched and affirmed by many who have encountered this type of person and learned too late of this affliction.
He should have run when he got that first note from Sherri and she had drawn a heart to dot her "i". He'd still have his home.

Oh, I see you put a heart over the "i" in your name. Hmm, see ya!

You dated a Bobb(i heart) also? And she was crazy too?!
by glamrocker January 26, 2011
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soemthing people say that is incredibly gay to describe somethign they love
Tom:Isnt tim a douchebag for saying "i heart bill's penis" all the time?
Every sane person in the world: YES!
by franklin thomas mcgee November 11, 2004
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when a EMO kid enjoys something a lot. Used when nothing else can describe how much you envy something.
I heart your shoes kelly. Woot!
by Moneycash254 May 29, 2005
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The art of hearting boobs. Also changing the word indoors to I heart boobs. A very amusing quote from Celebrity Jeopardy.
Trebeck: Sean Conerry you wrote, good lord you wrote indoors thats pheunominal, are we recording this. Lets see what you wagered. I heart Boobs. Thats beautiful.
by Peter December 20, 2004
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When saying the phrase 'i heart you' it means that you actually love the person but do not yet feel comfortable saying those famous 3 little words. Its just a little less Serious than actually saying 'I love you'
ie: on the phone with boyfriend o/r girlfriend: "I heart you baby"
by Crystal V. January 7, 2006
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A simple phrase slapped on a T-shirt purchased by genuine tourists now has become a lame mainstream trend. 55% of people who own those shirts have never even been to New York City.
"I heart NY" shirt wearer: Hey like my shirt?

"I heart NY" shirt owner: Yeah I've got one of those too! Ever been?

"I heart NY" shirt wearer: No, but I'm pretty sure its what New Yorkers wear and I idol myself after their ever action so...
I heart NY
by SammyB! July 29, 2008
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1.) The step before saying I love you.
2.) When your not ready to say I love you.
3.) When you really like someone and saying I like you when your dating is stupid but saying I heart you is cute.
Boo, I don't quite love you yet but I heart you!
by Babiibooh November 28, 2009
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