In reference to any weed related matter, often used as a code word. It can be used in many aspects, referring to: what, how much or how high one gets.
1. wanna' get some kell?

2. aww man I'm totally kell'd right now

3. Man 1: yo' wanna get some weed?

Man 2: yeah how much?

Man 1: a kell?

Man 2: fuck yeah!
by fankymadmanfuckhead December 20, 2011
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A man who knows exactly what he wants and works for it. He’s been through a lot and shares his insights to help others. He is only satisfied if he’s making progress. I felt like I knew him forever when I had only just met him. He’s scared to get hurt but he’ll never admit it. He acts a little tougher than he actually is. There’s nobody in the world who is sexier to me than him. He is the person I will always choose. I will always show up for him. My once bleak perspective of this world has completely changed just from knowing he inhabits it. He is the proof I needed to see that humanity is not all evil. He literally makes all the difference for me and I will love him forever.
Kell is everything I’ve ever wanted but was too afraid to hope for.
by Luv Day June 27, 2020
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To be extremely awkward and make others feel awkward because your so weird. To still live with mommy in your mid 20's cause your so awkward.
"Yo Tim is so awkward he makes me feel uncomfortable. I swear he is a Kell."
"He is of drinking age and still lives with his mommy? he is no doubt a Kell"
by Mike Boog July 31, 2013
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The act of performing a blow job on another man, followed by having that person perform a blow job on you when you're finished.
Did you see those two dudes blowing each other at the party? They were really kelling it out there.
by Marlins26 September 04, 2019
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It's origin comes from the old world Killarney(Irish) dialect for "Smokin' Hottie". It is also usually followed up by either "Hubba-Hubba" or "Damn". Not to be confused with "common" names for "common" people the lone "e" at the end sets this lass apart from all others.
"Hi there, I am Kelle."


by Dr. Duck February 03, 2010
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The motion of throwing your hand in the air while blowing someone's back out.
I hit the kells when I was hitting her from the back
by Eddie lomain January 07, 2021
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