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In reference to any weed related matter, often used as a code word. It can be used in many aspects, referring to: what, how much or how high one gets.
1. wanna' get some kell?

2. aww man I'm totally kell'd right now

3. Man 1: yo' wanna get some weed?

Man 2: yeah how much?

Man 1: a kell?

Man 2: fuck yeah!
by fankymadmanfuckhead December 20, 2011
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Ancient Manuscript that comes the middle ages. Representing Chi-Ro, XP, or if you will, the Greek form of Christ's name according to Matthew. 680 pages of very detailed art work. One of the most detailed manuscripts to come from the western side of the world.
The original book of Kells resides in Dublin Ireland in the halls of Trinity College. Where I would truly like to attend college.
by KellyGean April 07, 2010
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Guy 1: So dude, check out Kell's "Trapped in the Closet" yet?
Guy 2: Oh yeah, that man's a FREAK.
by G-Style July 28, 2005
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To be extremely awkward and make others feel awkward because your so weird. To still live with mommy in your mid 20's cause your so awkward.
"Yo Tim is so awkward he makes me feel uncomfortable. I swear he is a Kell."
"He is of drinking age and still lives with his mommy? he is no doubt a Kell"
by Mike Boog July 31, 2013
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A highly desperate attempt at a nickname for the name Kelly and also only one letter shorter....
Random: Hey Kell!
Kelly: Hi
by the idiot in your cereal April 17, 2008
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A person who is almost obese, super lazy and stupid, slower than turtle shit, it can literally take them a full minute to get a single sentence out. Is selfish to the bone, let’s other people do all the work while they sit around. And can’t groom and care for themselves, or even survive everyday life without a real adult around to babysit.
A: Oh god that guy is a total kell.
B: i feel bad for his poor babysitter/wife.

Dude quit being a kell, get off your ass and help around the house for once in your life.
by Thanos8889 May 05, 2019
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