Rhodesian forces during the Rhodesian Bush War, used terr to describe the terrorists.
The terr was in a tree as I shot him when he took a cigarette.
by Wehra October 11, 2018
One who listens to screamo/metal rock bands and wears apparel of that band
God look at her I bet she is a terr.
by x DyNo BoNR x February 18, 2015
Viciously, comically, or unintentionally territorially territorial.
Whilst walking my dog around the perimeter of the local community college, he urinated on every single college trash can. Upon marking them all, I preceded to call him a "terrative" bitch.
by DrewBowls December 9, 2009
Hot has the best eyes and is chick magnet. He is this best friend and is easy to talk to.If I were a gitl I would definitely go out with him If you really need someone to talk to go to him. He is a good kisser to
Terre is just the guy of my dreams I wish I was thst lucky girl with him
by BOSSOFALLBOSS January 25, 2015
A made up word, when you don't have the vocabulary to explain exactly what you mean.
"I was in the pub and trouble kicked off, so I had to step in... Rerr-terr-terr, rerr-terr-terr, rerr-terr-terr, got arrested for being a batty fish.
by Mintylamb November 12, 2022
A secondary residence which is smaller that a main home or apartment.
He has a fabulous pied-a-terre right in the middle of the financial district.
by zepa April 3, 2014
A city in Indiana known for it's astonomical high meth lab rates, prostitution rings, and horrible horrible smell in the Southern part of the city. It was also nicknamed "Sin city" by Time magazine decades ago. The cities moto is "A Level Above" but sadly the only thing it is above is a pile of elephant feces.
There is a horrible smell in the air, a prostitute on the corner, and a meth lab down the street....I must be in Terre Haute!

by Mayor Kevin Burke June 22, 2006