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“how’d you sleep
can’t believe you fell asleep on me last night but hys?
by curious eloquent December 14, 2019
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"Have Your Say"

Mainly derived from the BBC blog on daily news stories.
1. Activism

There have been thousands of comments, from all walks of life, for many months on HYS about this. When will this government listen and do something....

2. Opinionated Bloggers

I can't stand how the HYSers can keep promoting this absurd (you fill it in) position. God, don't know anything about the real world...

3. Big Brother

Don't forget, we are being monitored on this site - by the BBC HYS Moderators.
by Phillllllllllip July 10, 2008
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BBC Have Your Say: domain of selfish right-wing BNP-supporting xenophobes who think they're important, but are, in fact, penguins' pudenda. Have a habit of answering any question with something irrelevant, usually related to their political views, which could easily have been lifted from a 1930s NSDAP propaganda leaflet.
e.g. for the HYS question "Do you drink less beer than you used to?"

the most-recommended response might be the ridiculous
"yes and soon it ll be banned by the pc brigade cos its offensive to pakis and gays!!!! its pc gone mad i tell you!!! vote bnp and kick ZANULIARBORE and gordon mcjock mcbroon out now"
by Charlie NL October 21, 2009
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Hit Your Shit. Often referring to hitting your tumbling or stunts in cheerleading routines. Hitting with no mistakes.
HYS or get replaced.
by SnapQueens October 07, 2012
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it means spoon is a sexy beast that deserves to cuddle with kelly in a warm bed at 3am
by Codyyyyyuy October 03, 2019
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