hy is simply the phonetic abbreviation of the commonly used greeting "hi", and as far as i know has its origins in the GNAA, or at least that's where it seems to be used most commonly. As seen below it is frequently accompanied by the acronym "LOL".
lol hy omg lol hy let me in on this kthx
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hell yea, hellz yea, heck yes, etc. Computer slang shorthand ive run across a few times and seems to be being used more often.
"did you draw her a picture?"
"hy i did"
by Mark Weizbox February 24, 2005
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"Hy", the acronym most people scarc(e)ly use as "hello", or "hi". It can also mean "hell yeah, hell ya, hell yea". I'm sorry for my bad spelling, :(.
Blake: hy d00d c4n u coem 0v3r t0 mah h0u53 2d4y?
Fred: hy m4n!eleven!!11!4351oneone!!11two!1
by -=:/Teh Alex\:=- November 24, 2005
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'hitler's youth'
the generation of modern kids (teens) that follow in the footsteps of german dictator Adolf Hitler.
Jan: hey, are you still HY?
Mark: nah im over that


Jan: hey what is that scar on your chest?
Mark: it's a swastika i carved into myself cause im HY.
by jennipher renee May 19, 2009
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