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the act of texting people while you are pooping
ex. (talking to a friend on fbook chat)

person 1: hey man whats going on tonight
person 2: i gotta go to the bathroom il poopt you


person 1: whatsup man what are you doing?
person 2: poopting you
by mr.poopter January 26, 2011
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hy is simply the phonetic abbreviation of the commonly used greeting "hi", and as far as i know has its origins in the GNAA, or at least that's where it seems to be used most commonly. As seen below it is frequently accompanied by the acronym "LOL".
lol hy omg lol hy let me in on this kthx
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hell yea, hellz yea, heck yes, etc. Computer slang shorthand ive run across a few times and seems to be being used more often.
"did you draw her a picture?"
"hy i did"
by Mark Weizbox February 24, 2005
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the coolest, sexiest asian you will ever meet in your life
Hy was so cool and sexy and asian today
by Hy D. July 23, 2008
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"Hy", the acronym most people scarc(e)ly use as "hello", or "hi". It can also mean "hell yeah, hell ya, hell yea". I'm sorry for my bad spelling, :(.
Blake: hy d00d c4n u coem 0v3r t0 mah h0u53 2d4y?
Fred: hy m4n!eleven!!11!4351oneone!!11two!1
by -=:/Teh Alex\:=- November 24, 2005
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refers to a Ho, who is young.
I got mad game, i fucked that bitched. Man.... u aint got game she's an HY
by hyperbola November 01, 2010
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