Hy short for (hell yeah)
Me: you want to go for a walk

Dog: hy
by R mike wAsowskI February 9, 2018
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the coolest, sexiest asian you will ever meet in your life
Hy was so cool and sexy and asian today
by Hy D. July 24, 2008
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hy is simply the phonetic abbreviation of the commonly used greeting "hi", and as far as i know has its origins in the GNAA, or at least that's where it seems to be used most commonly. As seen below it is frequently accompanied by the acronym "LOL".
lol hy omg lol hy let me in on this kthx
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"Have Your Say"

Mainly derived from the BBC blog on daily news stories.
1. Activism

There have been thousands of comments, from all walks of life, for many months on HYS about this. When will this government listen and do something....

2. Opinionated Bloggers

I can't stand how the HYSers can keep promoting this absurd (you fill it in) position. God, don't know anything about the real world...

3. Big Brother

Don't forget, we are being monitored on this site - by the BBC HYS Moderators.
by Phillllllllllip July 11, 2008
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hell yea, hellz yea, heck yes, etc. Computer slang shorthand ive run across a few times and seems to be being used more often.
"did you draw her a picture?"
"hy i did"
by Mark Weizbox February 24, 2005
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“how’d you sleep
can’t believe you fell asleep on me last night but hys?
by curious eloquent December 14, 2019
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Abbreviation for "Hang Yourself"
by queencyka January 11, 2017
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