It's when you give a girl a facial and then smack her in the face with a newspaper
This stripper was cleaning out my tank so i put it on her face and then slapped her with a newspaper.
by DUboob February 3, 2005
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The weather today is sunny with a bit of clouds.

A plane crashes with half of the people dead including the pilot.

Putin is still not giving up on attacking Ukraine
Daily News | March 23, 2022
by DailyUrbanNews March 23, 2022
Typhoon hits the coastline and causes a flood.

An earthquake happened with a magnitude of 5.2

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Daily News | March 24, 2022
by DailyUrbanNews March 24, 2022
Volcanic eruption kills 450 people.

Brownout happens for 5 hours.

Daily News | March 25, 2022

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by DailyUrbanNews March 25, 2022