someone who will always hype you up with compliments (etc)
boy: guys need compliments🥺
me: thank goodness im a great hypeman😌
by imsistershook June 20, 2020
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Hype Man

Traditionally, the job of the Hype Man is to get the audience “hype” before the headlining performer comes out on stage. His or her job is also to keep the momentum going during the show, especially during the down times like wardrobe or set changes. Hype men usually work the side of the stage the MC isn’t, yelling classic lines like “Throw ya hands in the air!” “All the ugly people be quiet!” “When I say_________, y’all say _________!” These call and response strategies to get the crowd motivated first originated in Hip-Hop back in the ’80s by early hype men Creole and MC Cowboy from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.

The role took on a heavy work load during the show in the early days. Years later though, the job has become less demanding, often resulting in a small army of so-called hype men milling around the stage brandishing water bottles and towels.
why the fuck are there 6 hypeman on stage at a G-unit concert
by acideater November 29, 2009
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Hypeman: Typically a guy who often blows things out of proportion to start a fight and say things such as "personally I wouldn't take that".
Younis: "ohhhh he cussed your mum I say you slap him up because if that was me personally I wouldn't take that"

Essah: "shurrup Younis you're irrelevant you're just a hypeman"
by Mufti Olatunji May 10, 2021
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Hyper is a guy who tortures a guy named "apathy" both mentally virtually and physically
Hyper : Wanna have a bad time?
Apathy : Sur hypeman
by HyperIzayoi October 28, 2021
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1. Backing up your pals on facebook by repeating some of their words, to make it seem like they're a rapper.
Simon Smith
sick of the builders drilling outside my window, I'm bout to go out there and break some hard hats

Frank Jones


Sally Brown
stop posting statuses about bieber you morons

Katie Gardener


Chris Turner
baww I'm so hungry gonna get some toast

Jack Harper

Chris Turner
jack what are you doing?

Jack Harper
I was facebook hypemanning

Chris Turner
I wish you were dead
by ShaolinPete November 20, 2011
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Someone whos just a beg and tries to fit in he/she is irrelevant and speaks on ppls buisness to stay relevant and gets rude to get rated
"Ughhh hes such a hypeman can he not shut up"
by Bobby360 November 4, 2020
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A trophy given to the most overhyped college football player of the year.
The Fighting Irish quarterback is totally in the running for the Hypeman Trophy this year.
by Rokko1 December 26, 2006
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