A tall Brown Persian man who wears glasses and enjoys filming extreme sports.
Man Where is essah when we need to film skateboarding?

Did you see essah? he looks like a tree.
by Jkafahjhflf October 22, 2008
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The best looking most confident person in the world.

Bare ppl aspire to be Essah but fail.

Usually tall and wears glasses
Yo look at Essah get all the girls

Innit I wish I was Essah
by NonceCatcher123 June 17, 2021
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Essah is a very nice and caring person. He/She sometimes doubts himself/herself and lose confidence, but she'll/he'll always get back on her/his feet. Essah is very pretty to be honest. Doesn't trust strangers too easily, and will only trust and be open to you when you're good friends. Has many friends but little trusted ones. Essah's personality and characteristic is one of a trillion. Very good at giving compliments, and will always cheer you up when you're feeling down. If you ever meet an Essah, stop and greet him/her. He/She will always greet you back.
human 1: I was sulking because I got low grades a while ago, and this person came up to me and cheered me up. I'm very thankful to him/her.

human 2: Oh that must be an Essah!

human 1: Really? How do you know?

human 2: Because that's just how they are.
by currentlylivingonEarth November 9, 2021
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