A phrase used to incite or egg on another into retaliating against some perceived slight. Common in the playground / schoolyard in London of the 1980s
Raah, he cussed down your mum, I wouldn't take that you know!
by TheLivinShit May 18, 2009
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A phrase to designate a place so worthless and disgusting that taking a shit there would class it up.
Benny: Hey! Let's go to Alvin's for some beers and food!
Earl: Alvin's sucks! I wouldn't take a shit there!
by von groovy August 02, 2017
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A term used to describe a hideous woman, or a woman so ugly that one wouldn't want to take her out in public
Jim: "I set you up a date with my cousin, Mildred this weekend "
Bob: "screw that, I wouldn't take her to a dogfight, she's so ugly!"
by Ocho-sinco November 21, 2016
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